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Services to aid search efforts

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Our team provides trained/certified K9 teams to assist with locating missing persons (alive or deceased).

Our team provides trained k9 teams for

  • Human Remains Detection

  • Human Remains Detection dogs that work from boats in order to narrow search areas for divers in ponds, lakes, & rivers. (Our team has its own boat)

  • Live find or ranging air scent dogs (non-scent specific dogs who work off leash and cover large areas of land at a time to locate anyone within that given area).

Providing current command/Fire Departments/ local & state PD with suggestions on the best application of volunteer search dogs.


Public Education


Our team provides public education services including but not limited to:

  • Presentations and or demos for organizations such as schools, senior centers, events, etc.

  • Survival training for kids' programs such as Boy Scouts, private organizations, etc.

  • Demos for Police, Fire Departments, non k9 search teams, etc.

  • We will attend events to set up a table and spread awareness for our cause. 

  • We offer these services free of charge but are very thankful for donations as we are a non-profit organization.

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